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Do you already know about us and want to list? You’ll need Iris, our Telegram bot. Once you’ve installed Iris in your Telegram group all you need to do is add your token information and submit your request.

Unlock your listing benefits

Listing on Flooz.xyz allows you to customise your token branding, and add a brief description to your token page, giving you exposure to over 250k monthly active traders across web and Telegram.

InfrastructureUser ExperiencePower up
Iris Telegram BotClaim your Verified Links PageClaim your custom domain name → Flooz.xyz/hub/your-token
Flooz Checkout WidgetEmbed your custom buy+swap widget on your siteAccess to the private Flooz Partner Network channel (500+ members)
Every token project that uses Flooz Verified Links Pages or Flooz Checkout receives a shout-out on our official Twitter/X (60k+) and Telegram community (20k+).

Listing on Flooz requires you to add Iris Bot into your community. Please note, if you remove Iris from your Telegram community after completing your listing this can cause a loss of some, or all services you’re using. Ready to get started? The guide below will break down the benefits of each service we offer, and how to use it.

Follow this guide to complete your listing

Adding Iris Bot to your group

Installing Iris really couldn’t be easier. Start a conversation with Iris Bot and invite her to your Telegram group, where she’ll ask to become an admin.

You can follow our step guide on configuring Iris here

Open Iris Bot in Telegram

By clicking this link, you will be directed to the Telegram messenger app.

Update your token info on Flooz.xyz

– Claim your Verified Links Pagen inside Iris Bot – Update your custom token branding – Your listing application will automatically be submitted

– Display real-time Telegram community actvities including buy alerts, raids, leaderboards and more. – Enable your community to instantly buy+swap your token using our native trading widget – Claim your own custom branded link-in-bio domain name for Twitter/X and all other socials!

Flooz Checkout widget

– Enable your community to buy your token direclty wioth fiat by setting up your Flooz Checkout widget – Customisation and set-up takes less than 60 secs! – Instant wallet creation for any DeFi newbie using social login and account abstraction

Iris Bot Buy & Welcome Alerts

Convert community members into holders: When you have your buy-alerts turned on, you’ll get all the expected features from a buy bot, including custom emojis, and you’ll also link directly to your Verified Links Page, User Ranks for marketing, and enable Telegram Trading with FIAT.

Holder Ranks & Organic Marketing

Holder ranks are unique to Flooz, it enables you to supercharge your marketing organically. Use your Telegram community to power up your Twitter/X game simply by getting users to claim their rank (found in our buy-alerts). This creates a marketing visual directly in your Telegram channel and can be shared on Twitter/X in one click.

  • Lower cost: Flooz has a broad range of services, including our popular trading platform. Meaning our business model doesn’t rely on extorting projects for fees. With Flooz, you’ll get more exposure at a lower cost.
  • More exposure: when you trend on Flooz, you’ll be trending within our Trending channel and on our trading platform, exposing your project(s) to thousands of active traders who use Flooz daily.
  • Non-disruptive experience: While some trending services will push ‘buy alerts’ into their channel, we prefer to keep things simple. We will promote your token in our list of top trending tokens, with no disruptive messages pushing out your token’s visibility.
We offer three Trending Ad packages. Psst: There is a limited time only promotion!
12h trending ad$249
24h trending ad$499
36h trending ad$749


  • To protect Iris users, any purchased trending spot is disclosed and marked with #Ad
  • Trending is only available to tokens that pass our Smart Contract and Security Checks in partnership with GoPlus Labs
  • Once Flooz has fulfilled your request to be trending on our trading platform, no partial, or full refunds will be provided due to the completion of work.

Trending can be booked via Iris Bot

Flooz Partner Network

You will gain access to the Flooz Partner Network once you’ve listed, this is a channel where hundreds of devs, marketeers, token owners, and more hang out. We announce all the latest information on new Flooz features (including beta access) in advance and build our services around the feedback from our partners.

Need help, or have questions? We have a dedicated business development team who can help you. Contact us here