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Why Use Web3 Data from Flooz Blockchain Indexer

All core aspects of Web3 data are indexed, and with our APIs, you can access this data when building blockchain applications. Here’s a taste of the data we’re obtaining:

We’re processing roughly 7.5M transactions a day

  • We track the balances for every wallet and every token across all major chains
  • In total we’re indexing over 308.247.169 wallets and contracts across BSC and 242.723.412 on Ethereum chain
  • As of today, Flooz Blockchain indexer has processed over 15TB of data, that you’ll be able to query in near-real time using our data-points and filters
  • Across all of Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon, we’ve indexed over 600M tokens, 2M liquidity pools, and process 40 price change events every second

API Integration

Empower your platform with our cutting-edge APIs, designed to provide seamless access to on-chain data through our cost-effective infrastructure. With Flooz API suite, you can:

  • Integrate effortlessly with combined on-chain and off-chain data to streamline you data management processes

  • Use gathered and structured data in your Excel spreadsheets for marketing optimization, product management or business analytics

  • Connect to Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain arranged data while we are adding new blockchains such as Arbitrum and Fantom

  • Benefit from cost-effective infrastructure, reducing expenses while accessing high-quality on-chain data

Speak with an expert, get started on Flooz APIs faster with dedicated implementation and support services.