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Flooz ecosystem

Flooz is a user-centric blockchain analytics platform founded in 2021 that indexes the blockchain and provides on-chain trading insights to its users. It is used to discover opportunities, perform due diligence, trade any digital asset, and track portfolios with real-time data and alerts.

Our ecosystem comprises of the following services:

  • Flooz.xyz: the Flooz trading platform is decentralised, non-custodial, and user-friendly.
  • Iris: Our latest product is the gateway to the Flooz ecosystem. Iris is a free Telegram bot that combines the best functionality of your favourite crypto bots into one single interface. It caters to both Individuals and Token Teams.
  • Data Analytics: Flooz offers a B2B blockchain data service, our services are bespoke and tailored to meet clients’ needs. If you require any data, please get in touch.