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Flooz Partner Network Rules. Flooz cannot mediate any disagreements should they happen. Please bear this in mind when using any service mentioned below.

Network Services

Please note that Flooz has agreed on discounts with the listed partners. Please speak to us to arrange this on your behalf.

CEX Listings

Flooz has listing partnerships with several Central Exchanges, hit the drop-down to learn more.

Market Making

Our market-making partners can help create a healthy liquid market for your token and assist with mitigating price volatility.

Audits and KYC

Traders trust projects with a KYC or an audit, we have official partnerships with the following providers.

Marketing Partners

Get noticed! Our partner services range from Twitter Spaces to Telegram Campaigns.

Token project handovers

For any token team that has decided to sunset their project, we’re now offering liquidity transfers for any token team that has decided to sunset their project in partnership with leading DeFi projects.

Looking for more services? Contact our business development team