Gen-F Roadmap and Status

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We’ve completed the generation of the entire upgraded 2D PFP collection, and we’re technically ready to upgrade the collection to 3D. Given that we’ve changed a lot of traits, we feel it might be the wrong approach to update the collection and keep the trait combination as is.

Some trait combinations simply don’t look visually appealing and we want all of you to be proud holders of a Gen-F. Hence, we’re planning a Snapshot/voting where the community can vote on potential trait combination changes.

A change in the trait combination will affect the rarity of the NFTs, but we think it would be better for the collection as a whole. Keep an eye out for this, and get ready to share your thoughts

RSVP for our AMA on all things community snapshot/voting

Join our Flooz Community Update is jumping back on Spaces to share the vision in the public domain! Live on Twitter/X spaces coming Wednesday at 5pm UTC, make sure to tune in.

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Once the Snapshot/voting decision is made, we’ll roll out the new PFP collection, followed by the release of 3D face files. Sergei, our 3D designer, will create tutorials to take the community on a journey, teach you how to use the files provided, and embed Gen-Fs in various applications. Next, we’ll release a limited drop with our friends over at Daily Paper.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to share an experience in fashion and tech with our friends. We’ll work in limited quantities initially, and depending on the success of this drop, we may have more in the pipeline.

Holders of a Daily Paper Gen-F, 267 (currently) in total, will be able to forge the drop free of charge. More information about pricing, e.g. shipping, will be released before the drop.

As for the Daily Paper items, they will be released after the clothing launch. Whether there are additional benefits or utility in the long term depends on how well the drop performs in terms of sales and traction on social media. Expect more drops and a robust and ongoing partnership with Daily Paper if it’s a hit. If not, we’ll need to reassess.

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Flooz Blockchain Indexer

We’ve been busy for the last 18 months indexing every transaction on Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance Smart chain. We track the balances for every wallet and every token across all major chains.

We’re indexing over 308,247,169 wallets and contracts across BSC and 242,723,412 on Ethereum. We’ve indexed over 600M tokens, 2M liquidity pools, and process 40 price change events every second. We’re processing roughly 7.5M transactions a day. As of today, Flooz Blockchain indexer has processed over 15TB of data that you’ll be able to query in near-real time using our data points and filters.

Learn more about the Flooz Blockchain Indexer, developers may apply for beta access to our APIs.

Given the wealth of data that we’re processing, we’ve realized that one of the most crucial responsibilities is to protect our users from interacting with malicious smart contracts and simply put, obvious scams like honeypots etc. It’s not the most exciting feature for end users, but it’s a necessity. Over time, our token security system has become sophisticated. That said, it’s still early days, and misclassifying tokens is inevitable.

If you notice a token wrongly classified as dangerous, please report it, and we’ll investigate it.

Our blockchain indexer is not just about tracking transactions; it goes deeper, offering real-time insights into token holders, their portfolios and trading patterns.

We’ve replaced all legacy data providers with our indexed data, making the platforms faster and more robust. We’re also launching our first data product, “Flooz Insights”. Flooz insights are similar to Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought that” feature.

Example: If your wallet swaps to Apecoin, we will then analyse all Apecoin holders transactions in the last 24h, filter out all holders but whales and instantly show you what these whales are buying in real time. This works for all the tokens we support: every token on ETH, Polygon and BSC.

Today, Flooz Insights are available via email. Try it out here! To activate token suggestions, please go to, connect your wallet and pair it with an email address.
You will automatically receive real-time notifications about each on-chain action your wallet is doing, and each email contains token suggestions for the tokens you’re interacting with. Throughout the next few weeks, token suggestions will be available on any token page, transaction detail screens and after a successful swap.

As token suggestions are still in Beta, this feature is free for all. Computing these data sets is costly, and thus, in the future, it will be available to monthly paying users on Flooz Pro. Gen-F holders will get access to our Pro tools for free, and a reasonable and limited usage policy will apply as we need to combat bots from abusing the service.

We’re even thinking of doing a live session where you can test the indexer by sending us tokens to analyze together. Interested? Let us know!

Flooz for Token Teams

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Flooz is a B2B-2C company that makes its infrastructure available to any DeFi partner. The partnerships team has launched docs. addresses all the benefits token teams have built on the Flooz infrastructure. Token teams can integrate the Flooz Checkout onto their website, instantly onboard new users with account abstractions, and convert them to token holders using our fiat to any token infrastructure.

Additionally, given the amount of data we have at our disposal, we’re making token holders’ on- and off-chain (web analytics) insights available to token teams. Lastly, we will soon open access to the Flooz Blockchain Indexer API. You can already dive deeper here.

If you’re a developer who would like to receive access, please fill out our form, and our partnerships team will be in touch shortly.

Best, the Flooz Team

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