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To get started with submitting coins/tokens on Flooz, head over to our Theme builder to configure your custom Flooz Checkout widget. After your setup is complete you’ll be prompted to fill out the listing form, you can return to these docs for any questions you may have.


Grow your community on-chain with Flooz. We have built a best-in-class suite of infrastructure products that allow you to seamlessly Onboard users to your token projects, gain Insights on who they are and what they do and Enage with them.

Get started by filling out the form below. Please make sure to comply with our guidelines. If you do not comply with our guidelines and proceed with a payment, we will not issue a refund. You can get started via our Theme Builder.

Flooz Token Teams application form

Access the Flooz for Token Teams listing form here. Join over 600+ verified token projects listed on Flooz. We’ve been a leading aggregator DEX across Ethereum, BSC and Polygon since 2021, with over 85k active traders and $165m+ in on-chain trading volume.

Pricing table

You can find the pricing for our supported chains and Token Teams services below.

  • ETH, BSC & Matic pricing

  • Pricing for all other chains

  • Monthly Engage Features

Flooz has been a leading multi-chain DEX since 2021, maintaining over 600+ active Token Teams, with over $165m in combined trading volume across ETH, BSC and Matic.

Buy Bot integrations
Token info update
Real-time trading activities
Smart contract review
How to buy token guides
Liquidity pools
Real-time Twitter Feed
Fast track listing
Access to our network of 600+ token partners
Domain verification
Brand customization
Wallet Connection, includes Ledger
Buy with Card
Embeddable Wallets + Passkeys
Wallet login (Single-Sign-On) with email, Google, Apple, X/Twitter + more
Marketing shill-kit
Listing visibility ads
Twitter weekly listing round-up
Newsletter weekly portfolio digest
Dedicated Telegram listing post
Dedicated Twitter listing post
Promoted token-ad on Flooz Discover page
Social media engagements will be marked Ad or Promoted

Basic requirements to get listed

To get started with submitting coins/tokens on Flooz, you may refer to the steps below:


No Liquidity deposit required

Flooz is non-custodial, we don’t require liquidity to list with us.


Ensure $1k in trading LP

It’s important you have a healthy amount of liquidity in your token so our traders can buy/sell your token without any issues. Simply deploy liquidity on a DEX of preference, like Uniswap, Pancakeswap or Quickswap.


Integrate the Widget (4 Simple Steps)

Install the Flooz Checkout on your website.


List Your Token with Flooz

Apply to list on Flooz and receive all our added services and benefits, including the ability to on-ramp your token.

Ready to launch your project into DeFi? Get your token listed on Flooz