Optimize your Web3 marketing

On-chain data and insights help you understand the cumulative purchasing power of your community, the median wallet net worth, wallet balance distribution, wallet age, types of wallets they use, the tokens they hold in common, activity levels of your holders, the number of blue chip investors, and so much more.

On-chain Insights are powered by the Flooz Blockchain Indexer API (”Indexer API”). The Indexer API is a powerful data infrastructure service that empowers all Flooz products from Flooz.xyz to our Insights product for Token Teams. You can learn more about the API here.

We are open to receiving custom data requests for our token partners on the Enterprise Plan. Head over to the Quickstart section, or contact us to learn more about it.

Perfecting conversion

Follow a user’s path from off-chain journeys to on-chain activities. Essential for perfecting your user experience, marketing campaigns and improving your conversion rates by over 20%.

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