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It all starts with the Flooz Checkout. The Flooz Checkout is an embeddable Widget that token teams integrate onto their website. The Flooz Checkout allows you to onboard your users from A to Z. It authenticates users with existing wallets or creates new wallets for new DeFi users, combines on-ramping fiat to crypto with swapping the newly purchased crypto to your token.

Stop sending new users away! It only takes one line of code to integrate the Flooz Checkout. We’ve added customization options for you to edit token pairs, payment gateways and brand it entirely yours with our Theme Builder.

User Experience Demo

Here’s how the Flooz Checkout Widget works. Wallet authentication, Single Sign On Access (SSO) and mobile-first embedded wallets paired with our best-in-class user experience for Buying Any Token make onboarding new users to your token simple and straightforward.

demo-video coming soon

Onramp Aggregation

  • Flooz has partnered with renowned on-ramp providers in Web3, including our partners at MoonPay, Transak, Ramp Networks, Mercuryo and others. Flooz seamlessly aggregates all on-ramp providers, compares quotes for certain routes in real-time and then routes the user to the offer, all whilst providing a smooth user experience and optimizing for the local jurisdiction, AML and KYC processes.
  • Through our aggregation of fiat on-ramp providers, you can provide FIAT to crypto services (on and off-ramping) in over 190 countries whilst reducing development time by 95%. We support all popular payment methods, such as Debit and Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Mobile Money for African users and Bank Transfers.
  • We support a variety of currencies to buy from including AUD - Australian Dollar, ARS - Argentine Peso, BRL - Brazilian Real, CAD - Canadian Dollar, CHF - Swiss Franc, EUR - Euro, GBP - British Pound, GEL - Georgian Lari, HKD - Hong Kong Dollar, IDR - Indonesian Rupiah, ILS - Israeli New Shekel, INR - Indian Rupee, JPY - Japanese Yen, KRW - South Korean Won, KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar, NGN - Nigerian Naira, PHP - Phillippine Peso, PNL - Polish Zloty, RON - Romanian Leu, SEK - Swedish Krona, SGD - Singapore Dollar, TRY - Turkish Lira, USD - US Dollar, ZAR - South African Rand
  • Know Your Customer (”KYC”) limits are subject to the jurisdiction of the user and the payment license of each provider. Service availability may vary from country to country. Countries subject to sanctions and OFAK are exempted from using any on-ramp provider.
  • New Our recent integration of Mercuryo enables you to on-ramp your users up to 700 USD without needing a KYC in most jurisdictions. Mercuryo is the ideal partner for first-time users who want to join your token project seamlessly.

Lowest swap fees, fastest routes

  • Flooz is analyzing over 100 different decentralized exchanges (”DEXs”) in real-time to provide your users best prices at the fastest routes. Flooz is built on a fully non-custodial infrastructure and never touches users’ funds.

Available blockchains

  • Flooz is currently available for Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.
  • Soon, the Flooz Checkout will also be available to Base, Polygon zKEVM, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, OKExChain, Gnosis (xDai), Fuse, MoonBeam, Moonriver, Aurora, Velas, Boba, Evmos, Harmony, Cronos, Celo and more down the line.

If your token is live on any of these chains, please feel free to contact our Business Development team to get more details on when the new blockchains will be available.