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Joining our token referral program

You’re here because you likely have one of the two questions: what are the benefits of joining the Flooz referral program, and how do I get started? We’ve got you covered, please read on.

Over 10+ Web3 Quest platforms have already signed on in the last few weeks, are you next up?

Getting started

Token teams have started to leverage Web3 Quest platforms to boost adoption of their project’s utility and engage with the broader Web3 Community to expand their holder base. With a portfolio featuring over 600 listed tokens on our DeFi exchange, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative projects to join our ecosystem.

Here’s our proposition to you for every token you refer to us for listing, not only can we extend a 20% discount on listing fees to them, but we’ll also reciprocate by offering you a 20% kickback from the listing fees. Alternatively, we’re flexible and can tailor the discount and kickback rates to better suit your preferences!


Add your referral code to your onboarding process

We will supply you wiht a unique referral code that your clients can redeem within our Token Listing sign-on form, applying the double-sided referral discount.


Join the Flooz announcement board on Twitter and Telegram

New partners that join our referral program will receive a shout-out on our official Twitter (50K+ followers) and Telegram (10k+ community members).


Start earning passive referral rewards with Flooz

Web3 Quest platforms listen in! Refer 10 projects to receive weekly payouts for each token project you bring in. Achieve your first milestone by bringing 25 projects to Flooz and unlock earnings of over $7,500 in referral exchange listing fees.

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Flooz has been a leading multi-chain DEX since 2021, maintaining over 600+ active Token Teams, with over $165m in combined trading volume across ETH, BSC and Matic.

We have closely collaborated with more than a donzen Web3 Quest platforms in the execution of our marketing and community initiatives. We are excited about the prospect of strengthening our connections to expand and diversify our partner ecosystem.

Token listing pricing table

You can find the pricing for our supported chains and Token Teams services here