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What is Flooz?

Flooz is built for humans, not experts. We made it our mission to build the smoothest way to trade any token, from onboarding users without a wallet, allowing them to fund their wallets and instantly trade any token and track its performance.

Product instructions

You’re here because you likely have one of the two questions: why should my project use Flooz Checkout, and how do I get set up? If you know our service and want to get going, follow our installation instructions.

If you’d like to learn a more about Flooz Checkout, please read on.

Benefits for Token Teams

Grow your community on-chain with Flooz. We have built a best-in-class suite of infrastructure products that allow you to seamlessly Onboard users to your token projects, gain Insights on who they are and what they do and Engage with them.


  • It all starts with the Flooz Checkout. The Flooz Checkout is an embeddable embeddable Swap and On-ramp Widget that Token Teams integrate onto their website. The Flooz Checkout allows you to onboard your users from A to Z. It authenticates users with existing wallets or creates new wallets for new DeFi users, combines on-ramping fiat to crypto and swapping the newly purchased crypto to your token.


  • By integrating Flooz Checkout and verifying domain ownership, you get access to a plethora of data that helps you gain actionable insights about who your token holders are, their on-chain actions, their purchasing power and how they interact on your website. Data > Assumptions! These actionable insights will help you grow your audience.


  • Reach new audiences with the Flooz Partner Network and Engage offering. Flooz has a strong partnerships network and taps into millions of Web3 traders across >50k Telegram groups. Every day, we send over 400k messages to all users via Telegram, and our 50k email subscribers receive multiple transactional notifications per day. Additionally, we allow you to book ad space on the Flooz platform (marked as “promoted”) for tokens that comply with our guidelines.

Using these docs

  • If you want to dive right in, check out Quickstart

  • Once you are up and running, you can check out the Onboard, Insights and Engage sections.

  • Pick out and implement specific features from the subscription overview on the pricing plans page.

  • We also really recommend joining our Telegram community and if you have any questions at all, let us know.

  • When you are close to going live, take a look at the guidelines to make sure your implementation is as good as it can be.